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(香港‧2014年11月21日) 香港紅十字會第十二屆「愛心相連大行動」本周日(11月23日)正式啟動,由「2014年十大傑出青年」方力申先生擔任榮譽大使,與一眾嘉賓號召「加埋你」支持人道工作。


現誠邀 貴機構派員採訪,詳情如下:




下午2:304:00  [傳媒登記:下午2:15


大埔超級城1C  (大埔安邦路8 10)


  • 香港紅十字會總監 袁漢榮先生
  • 「愛心相連大行動」榮譽大使 方力申先生
  • 各活動贊助機構代表

活動內容 :

  • 榮譽大使方力申與現場觀眾參與互動遊戲
  • 嘉賓、贊助機構代表、活動大使主持啟動禮,共同拼砌大型「加埋你」紅十字
  • 「加埋你」流動專綫停泊場地旁邊,嘉賓、贊助機構代表、活動大使於啟動禮後,馬上轉到流動展覽車參與推廣及拍照

活動熱線:2802 0016                            電郵                   

機構傳訊經理 黃惠芬  (2507-7111 / 9842-6002 /
傳訊及資源發展部經理 陳竹雅 (2507 7506/
黃嘉詠   9450 9757        許芷茵   9534 0813
或電:3583 3100     傳真:3583 1331   電郵



Press Invitation

Pass-it-On Campaign 2014 Kick-off Ceremony
Chief Ambassador Alex Fong PLUS YOU to convey Love and Care

(Hong Kong, 21 November 2014) The Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) annual fundraising campaign “Pass-it-On” is to officially kick-off this Sunday (23 November). Guests and the campaign’s Chief Ambassador Mr Alex Fong, awardee of the 2014 Ten Outstanding Young Persons, will urge the public to join more others in the humanitarian force.

Under the slogan of “Plus You”, this year’s campaign aims to invite more members of the public to support our humanitarian works through different ways. One can simply board the campaign’s “Plus You” moving truck to show their support by pressing a button, or visit the “Plus You Activity” Facebook page. The activity sponsor will make donation for every button-pressing or online visit.

In the subsequent 3-month charity sales, people can also purchase the iconic charity items - the “Reddie Bear Umbrella” and the “Reddie Bear Hand Warmer” - to deliver warmth and care to others in the cold winter.

Date : 

23 November 2014 (Sunday)

Time :

2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Media registration at 2:15 p.m.)

Venue :

1/F Zone C, Tai Po Mega Mall  
(No. 8 & 10 On Pong Road, Tai Po, New Territories)

Guests :

  • Hong Kong Red Cross Director Mr Jimmy Yuen
  • Pass-it-On Chief Ambassador Mr Alex Fong
  • Representatives of Sponsoring Organizations

Activity Contents:

  • Chief Ambassador Alex Fong to play games with audience onsite
  • All Guests, including Alex Fong, to jointly create a giant Red Cross to kick-off the event
  • All Guests, including Alex Fong, to join promotion and photo-taking at the “Plus You” moving truck stationed next to the ceremony venue

Campaign Enquiries
Hotline : 2802 0016                                Website :    

Media Enquiries
Hong Kong Red Cross
Corporate Communications Manager Denise Wong (2507-7111 / 9842-6002)
Manager (Communications and Resource Development) Ms Joyce Chan (2507 7506)
Seedland International Limited
Miss Adrienne Wong     9450 9757
Miss Helena Hui             9534 0813
Tel:3583 3100        Fax:3583 1331