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召集魔幻烘焙師 親手送上熱烘烘的「愛與關懷」

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此外,公眾可以透過捐款和參與慈善義賣,購買兩款造型精緻可愛、設計實用的義賣品「迪迪熊『愛烘焙』餐具套裝」以及「迪迪熊『愛分享』保溫壺」,以愛心支持紅十字會的人道工作,幫助社會上更多有需要的人士;或支持愛心轉贈計劃,將保溫壺捐出,經香港紅十字會網絡送予不同地方的弱勢社群。兩款義賣品將於11月在外展義賣攤位發售,公眾亦可登入「紅十字物品專門店」(、「掌舖」(、「生活易」(或「HKTVmall網上購物平台」(訂購,其中迪迪熊「愛烘焙」餐具套裝亦會於指定百佳超級市場、FUSION、TASTE、INTERNATIONAL、food le parc、GOURMET、GREAT FOOD HALL、SU-PA-DE-PA、屈臣氏和豐澤有售。



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Press Release
For Immediate Release

Hong Kong Red Cross “Pass-it-On Campaign 2019” Kicks Off in November
Calling Upon Magical Pâtissiers to Deliver Warmly Baked “Love & Care”

Online version:
Press release and Photos: Click Here (OneDrive) or Download (Zip)

(Hong Kong, 11 October, 2019) The Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) annual charity sale program “Pass-it-On Campaign”, which is stepping into its 17th year, will be launched in November this year and will last for two-and-a-half-month. Succeeding the theme of “Love & Found” together with its Chief Ambassador, Mr. Alex Fong, the Campaign aims to spread the message of “love and care” to every corner of our city through a series of events.

This year, Chief Ambassador Mr. Alex Fong and the Campaign icon “Reddie Bear” will be disguised as magical pâtissiers of “Reddie Bear Love Pastry Academy”. Public are also invited to join the campaign as magical pâtissiers and prepare “love pastries” on the 23 and 30 November, 2019. Then participants will bring freshly baked love pastries to elderly care centers, sharing the warm sweets embodying “love and care” with the elderly. Participants can also take part in a series of interactive activities like games and performances, spending a joyous afternoon with the elderly.

The public can also render support to the HKRC through a cash donation and the charity sale to empower its humanitarian works to help more people in need. The two charity sale items available this year are Reddie Bear “Bake with Love” Cutlery Set and Reddie Bear “Love to Share” Bottle, both are functional and lovely. A Gifted Bear Program which one can purchase and re-gift Reddie Bear “Love to Share” Bottle to the underprivileged population via the HKRC network is also available. Both Reddie Bear items are available at the outreach counters, as well as the following websites,,, or In addition, Reddie Bear “Bake with Love” Cutlery Set is also available at selected PARKnSHOP, FUSION, TASTE, INTERNATIONAL, food le parc, GOURMET, GREAT FOOD HALL, SU-PA-DE-PA, Watsons and FORTRESS.

About the Hong Kong Red Cross
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About “Pass-it-On Campaign”
Aiming to raise funds in support of the humanitarian work of the Hong Kong Red Cross and to promote the “Share and Care” spirit amongst people, the HKRC has been organizing the Pass-it-On Campaign since 2003. The charity campaign has become one of the HKRC’s key annual fundraising events. It encourages people to care not only for their families and friends,


but also for those close and afar who are less fortunate and in need. It emphasizes the power of joining hands, that when we all put ourselves together, an enormous loving power can be accumulated to help those who are in need. It is a fundraising campaign that relies on this “pass-it-on effect” amongst people to spread the “share and care” spirit.

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