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Phonics – the first step to English reading



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全港知名殿堂級英語教育專家Miss Cecilia Chan介紹Phonics自然拼音法
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風行全球數十年的Phonics自然拼音法,方法簡單效果顯著,是引導孩子閱讀英語的第一步。Phonics自然拼音法跟普通話拼音bo po mo fo類近,將英文生字的字母、子音及母音聯繫,孩子掌握箇中技巧之後,看到任何英文字皆可以輕易從其字母排列讀出整個單字的發音,繼而明白單字以至文句的意思,令閱讀更有趣味。自小養成閱讀的優良嗜好,可為學習英語打好基礎,長遠提升英語水平。Phonics自然拼音法於全球廣被認受,多年來一致被多國語言學家、教育界人士及家長認可為幫助幼童閲讀英文的好工具,甚至被英國和澳洲納入教學大綱之中,成效可見一斑。全港知名殿堂級英語教育專家Miss Cecilia Chan集超過二十六年的教學經驗,於香港書展主持「Phonics – the First Step to English Reading」講座,即場分享有關Phonics自然拼音法的理論、方法及成效,並由Miss Cecilia Chan的學生即場示範。現誠邀媒朋友到場參加,詳情如下:


Phonics – the First Step to English Reading」講座








  • 殿堂級英語教育專家Miss Cecilia Chan
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Miss Cecilia Chan為資深英語教育專家,秉持對英文教育的專業知識及熱誠,曾教導的學生遍及瑪利曼小學、瑪利曼中學、拔萃男書院、拔萃女書院、聖保羅男女中學、聖保羅男女中學附屬小學、聖保羅書院、聖若瑟書院、番禺會所華仁小學、庇理羅士女子中學及聖嘉勒小學等超過三十間著名本地及國際學校,桃李滿門。當中不少學生,更先後於每年的校際朗誦節及其他公開比賽贏取殊榮。為了進一步推廣英語教育,Miss Cecilia Chan於本年推出Bravo Learning系列My Phonic Books,以輕鬆富趣味性的手法,帶領孩子昂然打開英語世界的大門,愉快遨遊。





有關Bravo Learning系列My Phonic Books
由資深英語教育專家Miss Cecilia Chan編寫的Bravo Learning系列My Phonics Books一套五冊,以活潑互動的手法,透過聆聽、朗讀、書寫、練習及遊戲,循序漸進地帶領小朋友全方位認識Phonics,每冊書本均附有互動DVD光碟,鼓勵小朋友根據光碟中的指示、寓遊戲於學習地完成課程,無須家長或老師從旁指導,亦可輕鬆自學英語,成效顯著。



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Press Invitation                                                                              18th July, 2012

Celebrated and experienced expert in English Education Miss Cecilia Chan shares her insights into “Phonics – the First Step to English Reading” at the Hong Kong Book Fair. Parents are cordially invited to witness how three-year-olds can read story books all by themselves.

“Even three-year-olds can read story books all by themselves.”

“Children who have received training in phonics are more able to pronounce and spell English words with ease.”

“Learning phonics helps children enjoy reading and hence improves their ability to speak fluent English.”

For decades, phonics has been venerated by parents and recommended by linguistics and education professionals as a toddler’s first step to reading English. By learning the relationships between consonant and vowel sounds, children can pronounce and recognize difficult English words just by looking at their spelling and relating the sounds. Being able to read all the words in a book, children can easily develop a habit of reading and discover the vast delight in learning English. In the education systems of the United Kingdom and Australia, phonics is even the adopted method of teaching reading in English.

Miss Cecilia Chan, a celebrated expert in English Education with more than 26 years of experience in teaching, will host a seminar, “Phonics – the First Step to English Reading”, at the Hong Kong Book Fair to share her insights and experience in phonics teaching. Together with her students, she will demonstrate how young children can learn phonics step by step through fun activities and enjoy reading all by themselves within a short period of time. Members of the media are cordially invited to attend the seminar with details as follow:



“Phonics – the First Step to English Reading” Seminar



20th July, 2012 (Friday)



4:30pm to 6:00pm



Room S423-424, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, 1 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong



  • Miss Cecilia Chan, expert in English Education
  • Miss Helena Hui, Editor-in-Chief of Yellow Bus EMAG and Yellow Bus Light


About Miss Cecilia Chan

Miss Cecilia Chan is an experienced and well-known English educator. Passionate and experienced in teaching English, Miss Chan has taught students from over 30 schools in Hong Kong, including Marymount Primary School, Marymount Secondary School, Diocesans Boys School, Diocesans Girls School, St. Paul’s Co-educational College, St. Paul’s Co-educational College Primary School, St. Paul’s College, St. Joseph College, Pun U Wah Yan Primary School, Belilios Public School, St. Claire’s Primary School and other international schools. Many of Miss Chan’s students have won prizes in Solo Verse Speaking, Prose Reading and Public Speaking at the Hong Kong Schools Speech Festivals and other interschool open speech contests. Driven by her passion in promoting English learning, Miss Chan has launched the Bravo Learning Series “My Phonic Books”, as an effective tool to foster a love of English reading and learning in children.



About the Bravo Learning Series “My Phonic Books”
The Bravo Learning Series “My Phonic Books”, written by Miss Cecilia Chan, comes in a series of five books. Consisting of concise and solid teaching materials, My Phonic Books teach young children phonics step by step through listening, reading, writing, exercises and quizzes. Every “My Phonic Book comes with an interactive DVD, which guides children to complete phonics lessons through fun activities all by themselves without the guidance of parents or teachers.


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