社會企業d.light design聯合創辦人吳賢​​毅先生擔任課程顧問
First Code Academy
程式及設計思維訓練營 讓年青人無窮創意靈感
Teenagers learn how to transform ideas to working prototypes at First Code Academy’s “App Entrepreneur Design Thinking Bootcamp”, in collaboration with Mr. Xianyi Wu, co-founder of d.light design

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新聞稿(即時發佈)                                                               2014年6月11日

社會企業d.light design聯合創辦人吳賢​​毅先生擔任課程顧問
First Code Academy程式及設計思維訓練營 讓年青人無窮創意靈感

Photos: http://www.seedland.hk/press/fca/2/
Press release: http://www.seedland.hk/press/fca/2/FirstCode_PR2_C_final.doc

由First Code Academy主辦、將於七月底舉行的全新「程式編寫與設計思維訓練營」(App Entrepreneur Design Thinking Bootcamp)將帶領學生體驗一趟為期10天、內容精采豐富的科學及電腦程式旅程。以英語授課的First Code Academy一直致力為八歲或以上的小朋友提供程式教學課程,是次訓練營更邀得社會企業d.light design聯合創辦人及史丹福大學設計學院d.school的校友吳賢毅先生加入導師團隊。學生將能把腦海中千變萬化的創作靈感實踐出來,編寫實用的程式,為社會帶來具體改變。

為期10天的全日制訓練營,目的是讓年青人學懂運用程式開發軟體及掌握設計思維(Design Thinking)背後的理念。學生以三至四人為一小組,利用三分一的時間學習程式開發的基本概念,如程式編寫語言「AppInventor」;三分一時間實踐基本設計思維步驟,從觸發靈感、構思設計,到落實執行,把原本虛無縹緲的想法逐步轉化為現實;餘下來的時間,學生將到非政府組織參觀,探討各種現實問題。在整個課程中,學生將學習如何掌握程序開發技能,編寫出能夠解決生活難題的程式,惠澤社群。

First Code Academy創辦人及訓練營的另一導師辛婥琳小姐表示,她在位於矽谷的數據分享應用公司Bump Technologies工作時,首次接觸到設計思維,激發了她對程式編寫的熱誠,公司其後於去年10月被Google正式收購。今個夏天,辛婥琳將首次與吳賢毅合辦教育訓練營,二人更親力親為身兼導師,讓更多本港學生領會程式編寫的樂趣。「我們相信,學生不應只著眼於如何編寫程式,更應具備洞悉創造甚麼程式的眼光及遠見,而設計思維正是教導他們後者。我們希望提供一個雙管齊下、富教育意義的活動,不僅讓學生學懂利用簡單的工具來編寫自己想要的程式,更令他們學會如何解決問題。」 


本課程的教材及教學研討均以英語進行,同場設有廣東話助教輔助有需要的同學。有興趣參加的人士,可從First Code Academy網站下載申請表(www.firstcodeacademy.com),名額為20名學生,申請者必須年滿15歲以上,並隨申請表遞交一篇文章(詳情請參閱宣傳海報)。曾於學校或社區活動擔任領導工作、富好奇心及對新事物抱持開放態度的申請者將獲優先考慮。

關於First Code Academy
First Code Academy以英語授課,於2013年正式創立,課程旨在為8歲以上的兒童提供設計流動應用程式課程:811歲為「App探索家(App Explorer)」,孩子在課堂上初嚐寫App滋味;12-15 歲為「App發明家(App Creator)」,較深入地教授有關電腦程式的知識,提升同學的解難能力;15歲或以上為「App工程師(App Entrepreneur)」,這階段孩子已能實踐出自己的理念,創作出各適其適的Apps,課程將引導同學進一步思考市場上的真正需要,甚至設計Apps解決客戶的需要。


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Press Release (For Immediate Release)                                 11th June 2014

Teenagers learn how to transform ideas to working prototypes at First Code Academy’s “App Entrepreneur Design Thinking Bootcamp”, in collaboration with Mr. Xianyi Wu, co-founder of d.light design

Photos: http://www.seedland.hk/press/fca/2/
Press release: http://www.seedland.hk/press/fca/2/FirstCode_PR2_E_final.doc

Organized by First Code Academy, an established education centre which provides English-based computer programming courses to children at 8 years old or above, the brand new “App Entrepreneur Design Thinking Bootcamp” will be launched in late July. Students will participate in a 10-day, full day training in the field of science and computer engineering. The course co-instructor is Mr. Xianyi Wu, co-founder of social enterprise d.light design, and an alumnus of the d.school at Stanford University. The students learn how to transformideas to working prototypes and thus create impactto the local community.

This 10-day Bootcamp aims to equip teenagers with practical app development skills and the tenets of design thinking. Participants will work in groups of three to four and spend 1/3 of the time learning fundamental computer science concepts for app development such as the programming language “AppInventor”, 1/3 design thinking methodology which involves three iterating steps from inspiration, ideation to implementation, and the remaining 1/3 on site visit to the Non-Government Organization. Throughout the course, students will be guided to use the app development skills to transform their idea to a working prototype that can solve real life problems for the NGO, creating real impacts on our society.

As the founder of First Code Academy and course co-instructor of the Bootcamp, Ms. Michelle Sun says that shewas first exposed to Design Thinking while working at Bump Technologies, a high-growth start-up in Silicon Valley which was acquired by Google in Oct 2013. She then decided to collaborate with Mr. Wu, who is also an expert in the area, to launch this educational bootcamp. “Both of us believe in the opportunity in empowering students to not just create things, but identify what should be created. Programming teaches the former, and design thinking teaches the latter. We hope to go for a dual approach of not only giving students the tools to write an app they want, but also providing them with a framework to solve problems.”

Mr. Wu remarks, “Design thinking is really a mindset for unlocking creativity in the students. The course will give them the confidence to tackle problems they see around them with the tools we teach. One key aspect of design thinking that perhaps goes against Hong Kong culture is the idea of embracing failure. We encourage failing early in the experimentation process in order to learn quickly from one’s failures and to improve on his/her solution.” Today, many top executives in industries globally use Design Thinking to develop a human-centered approach to innovation.

The course materials, brainstorming sessions and discussions will be conducted in English, with Cantonese teaching assistant present for necessary explanations, too. For those who wish to apply, the application form can be downloaded from First Code Academy website (www.firstcodeacademy.com). Spaces are limited to 20 students and each applicant should be above the age of 15 and submit an application essay for selection (please refer to the poster for details). Prevailing candidates are those with leadership track record in school/community before and can demonstrate curiosity and an open mind.

About First Code Academy
Founded in 2013, First Code Academy aims to provide English-based computer programming courses to children above 8 years of age. Classes for children aged 8 to 11 are called “App Explorer”, in which children will be invited to experience their first trials in app writing. “App Creator” is designed for children aged 12 to 15 and targets to teach them programming-related knowledge in a more in-depth manner and enhance their problem-solving capabilities. For children older than 15 years of age, they should be able to establish their ideas through technology and create a variety of apps in “App Entrepreneur”. This course will guide students to adapt further to the market’s needs and design apps that can suit different clients.

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