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2016年的國際品格日定於9月22日。香港品格日協會誠邀  貴校參與盛事,成為首批推動香港品格日的學校。





Dear School Principal, 

We are writing to cordially invite your school to join a global movement and be a pioneer Character Day School in Hong Kong on 22nd September 2016. 

Character Day was established in the United States in 2014 and has now become a global movement in celebrating character - the qualities which develop who we are and who we want to be in the world. As Martin Luther King Jr. said, "Character plus intelligence - that is the goal of true education."

We hope that your school will join this meaningful movement by participating in activities this year that revolve around the character strength of 'Gratitude'. For more information, please click on the links below:

If you would like to register as a Character Day School, please CLICK HERE to submit your school's information. Thank you! 

Best regards,

Character Day Association Hong Kong