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採訪邀請                                                                           2019年1月18日

三大國際幼兒專家聚首     剖析優質幼兒教育











牛津大學教育學院教育心理學教授兼耀中幼教學院校董會成員Kathy Sylva教授
耀中幼教發展中心課程總監Nicky Weir女士


有關耀中幼教學院 YCCECE
耀中幼教學院(YCCECE)成立於2018年7月,前身為耀中社區書院,由非牟利團體耀中教育機構於2008年成立。社區書院的成功升格,不僅鼓舞了原有盡心盡力培育幼師的教職員,更印證着耀中超過86年來致力推廣優質幼兒教育的豐碩成果。耀中幼教學院旨在培養充滿熱情和勇於創新的幼兒教育專業人士,並盼他們不斷改進、尋求突破,引領業界跨越新領域,務求成為香港,以至亞太地區的幼兒教育樞紐。為成為卓越的高等教育院校,耀中幼教學院由本地及國際幼教專家掌舵,並配備多元文化及聞名國際的教學團隊。耀中幼教學院提供多元文化及全英語學習環境,以配合來自不同社經文化背景的本地和海外學生的教育需求,培育具備國際視野的幼兒教育專才。耀中幼教學院開辦幼兒教育(榮譽)學士學位、幼兒教育高級文憑課程以及幼兒學文憑課程。作為非牟利機構,耀中幼教學院更竭誠為社區服務,並為幼教理念提供良好的實踐空間。因此,學院成立了耀中幼教發展中心(YCECDC),為幼兒教育從業者、家長及與照顧幼兒的人士提供各項互動專業發展課程。耀中幼教學院喜獲城中一慈善基金慷慨捐贈港幣4,000萬元,捐款將用於成立耀學園Discovery Space以及學院的其他項目。耀學園Discovery Space將於2019年6月正式開幕,為來自不同階層的零至八歲兒童及家長或其看護人提供具啓發性的多元活動空間,讓孩子體驗遊戲中學習。

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Press invitation                                                            18th January 2019

Yew Chung College of Early Childhood Education (YCCECE) invites three prominent experts to share experiences and insights at the public seminar “Play to Learn – the Key to Early Childhood Education”

A pioneer and expert in Early Childhood Education (ECE) since 1932, Yew Chung was the first in Hong Kong to introduce the revolutionary concept of play-based learning in the 1970s. As a part of its relentless pursuit of promoting quality play-based learning, Yew Chung College of Early Childhood Education (YCCECE) is proud to host the public seminar “Play to Learn – the Key to Early Childhood Education” on 22nd January, to promote dialogue and exploration of ECE topics with local educators and parents. Members of the media are cordially invited to attend the event with details as follows:


22nd January 2019

Registration time:

5:00 pm

Seminar time:

5:30 pm – 7:00pm


Auditorium, Yew Chung International School, 3 To Fuk Road, Kowloon Tong


Professor Kathy Sylva, Professor of Educational Psychology, Department of Education at the University of Oxford, a member of the Board of Governors of Yew Chung College of Early Childhood Education.
Professor Soyoun Bae, Dean of Studies, Yew Chung College of Early Childhood Education, and  President of PECERA (Pacific Early Childhood Education Research Association) International.
Ms Nicky Weir, Centre Director of the Yew Chung Early Childhood Development Centre.


Yew Chung College of Early Childhood Education (YCCECE), a registered non-profit institution, was established in July 2018. It is an upgrade of the former Yew Chung Community College (YCCC), which was started in 2008 by the Yew Chung Education Foundation (YCEF), also a non-profit Association. The success of the upgrade is grounded on the impressive track record of YCCC and YCEF’s 86+ years of experience in Early Childhood Education (ECE). YCCECE aims to nurture passionate and innovative early childhood education professionals who can advocate and bring about improvement in the field, and seeks to be recognised in Hong Kong and in the Asia-Pacific region as an ECE hub for its excellence. In order to be a tertiary institution of excellence, YCCECE brought in world-renowned ECE academics and local ECE leaders as advisors and consultants.  Its teaching faculty hails from around the world to provide international perspectives and experiences.  Its student body is also multi-cultural and from diverse socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. YCCECE offers Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Early Childhood Education (BEdECE), Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education programme (HDECE) and Diploma in Early Childhood Studies programme (DECS). As a non-profit organisation, YCCECE is also committed to serving the wider community and sharing good practices.  The Discovery Space (DS) at its Aberdeen campus, which is an interactive play space specifically designed for children aged 0 to 8 years old and their accompanying adults will welcome children from all our communities.  Through expert facilitation by DS staff, children and adults will be liberated by true learning through play. This is made possible by a local philanthropic foundation that has pledged a lead gift of HK$40 million to YCCECE, which will fund various capital projects, including the DS. It is anticipated that this innovative play space on the Aberdeen campus will be open to the public in June 2019.

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